Monday, May 14, 2007


As a beginner Carlos will be guided by Pedram Shahyar, experienced coordinator of attac, responsible for this summer creative protest against the G8. In the protest camp, Carlos will learn how to behave during a pacific demonstration, will share his motivation with people from around the world, and maybe change the world...

Carlos Leal always wanted to get involved in the "globalization from below" movement. A movement that fights for a fair and social globalization that benefits all human beings instead of a world order that is fattening the profits of multinational corporations and financial markets, characterized by environmental degradation, war and constantly growing poverty in the global south and in the industrialized countries.
Moved by the tragic event of Genoa in 2001, where Carlo Giuliani, a young demonstrator was brutally killed by an Italian carabiniere, Carlos wrote a song "La Haine est sans Loi".

Due to professional reasons, Carlos could not go to the protests of Genoa and Evian. This year, like thousands of human beings who do not agree with the current policies of the G8, Carlos will not miss the protest of Heiligendamm in Germany.

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